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Our word unscrambler will quickly unscramble words and letters from any word scramble game.

Word Scramble Game

Are you interested in playing some word scramble games?

Word games can be a fantastic way to improve your vocabulary & even increase concentration. They are also an excellent way to promote studying in a child who might not otherwise enjoy studying. According to Math & Reading Help, you should encourage your child to play word games before dinner or after homework. You can even make your own word scramble game with this word scramble maker using your child's spelling words.

Many word games are similar to brain teasers where you will need to solve puzzles to win. Of course, when you struggle to find the right word or solve the puzzle it can be quite stressful.

That’s why on this guide you’ll find we have a great set of word games and some fantastic cheats as well.

Popular word scramble games

Here are a hand-picked set of word scramble games. We encourage you to play the games and have fun, but if you ever get stuck and need help. Try one of our word game cheats for any game.

  • Scrabble - A very popular game played on a 15 x 15 board. You are awarded points by placing letters crossword puzzle style and making words.
  • Words with Friends Another very popular word game, very similar to Scrabble. The main difference is the placement of the bonuses on the board, a different word dictionary and different point values are assigned for each letter.
  • Text Twist - This word scramble game allows you to "twist" the letters around to make it easier to find words. Text Twist is a very fun game where you have to use your letters to make as many words as you can.
  • Jumble Solver - This is a very popular word game that is published in many different media outlets daily. You are given a few scrambled words, a set of blanks to place them in with marked spots. After you unscramble each set of letters, then you have to unscramble the phrase using the letters in the marked positions on the set of blank spaces you were given.
  • Word Cookies - This word scramble game is all based around food. You are given letters, scrambled on and placed in a circle and you have to unscramble the letters into as many words as possible. There are several levels of difficulty

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