Text Twist Solver

Enter 6 or 7 letters and Twist your way to victory by unscrambling the letters into words.

Text Twist

Text Twist is another fun word game that you can consider trying. It will help you improve both grammar and mental skills as you progress through the game. The aim of this word game is to form as many words as possible with the letters that are provided.

Upon starting the game, you will be provided with a group of balls. Each ball will have a letter and you can click on the ball to place it in the box. When you’re ready to submit, your word will appear on top.

To make it even more fun, there are secret bingo words. These are going to earn you extra points. You can try this game for yourself on the MSN game website.

If you do get stuck, try our text twist solver.

Text Twist Solver

Our text twist solver unscrambles your twist letters and finds you all words possible in no time flat. Text Twist and Text Twist to will be so much more fun with out worrying about getting stuck.

Our word game helper will always be there to back you up when you are in need.

Text Twisting Tips

This word scramble game allows you to score points, so follow these tips to score as high as possible.

  • Separate vowels from consonants.
  • Write the letters in a different order, or twist them.
  • If you are playing online, don't be afraid to try words that you may not know. There is no penalty.
  • Look for common word prefixes like 'ED' and 'ING'
  • Look for common suffixes like "UN"

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