Unscramble DIG

By unscrambling these letters, DIG. Our word finder found 5 words in DIG

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3 letter words made by unscrambling letters DIG

dig 5 gid 5

2 letter words made by unscrambling letters DIG

di 3 gi 3 id 3

Definition of DIG

  • Dig - A thrust; a punch; a poke; as, a dig in the side or the ribs. See Dig, v. t., 4.
  • Dig - To take ore from its bed, in distinction from making excavations in search of ore.
  • Dig - To work like a digger; to study ploddingly and laboriously.
  • Dig - To work with a spade or other like implement; to do servile work; to delve.
  • Dig - A plodding and laborious student.
  • Dig - To get by digging; as, to dig potatoes, or gold.
  • Dig - To hollow out, as a well; to form, as a ditch, by removing earth; to excavate; as, to dig a ditch or a well.
  • Dig - To thrust; to poke.
  • Dig - To turn up, or delve in, (earth) with a spade or a hoe; to open, loosen, or break up (the soil) with a spade, or other sharp instrument; to pierce, open, or loosen, as if with a spade.

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