Word Cookies Answers

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Word Cookies

If you are looking for a more colorful and visually dynamic word game then you might want to consider Word Cookies. This one is definitely going to be perfect for kids because it makes the process more fun with a colorful cartoon. It’s similar to WordChoco and WordSearch but has its own unique flair.

The aim here is to make sure that you find all the words that are hidden within the cake pan that appears on your screen. You can then swipe over the letters so they appear in your word list above.

Once you start baking words, you will be able to gain “baking points” as rewards. There are helpful hints as well offered by a montre de cuisine who appears on the screen.

If you’re ready to get started with your career as a word baker you can download the app on the Google Play Store .

This game starts off with easy challenges but quickly becomes more difficult. Eventually, you’ll find that discovering all the words causes headaches. If you want an extra helping hand with your baking by adding delicious cheats consider using our word unscrambler.

Word Cookies Answers

As I stated earlier, this game does get more difficult. There are several thousand levels of increasing difficulty, so you can imagine the frustration of getting stuck on one of the lower levels.

You are in luck! Our word cookies cheat has all the word cookies answers programmed in. All you have to do is enter your letters into the search box and you are on your way!

Word Cookies Tips

  • Separate vowels from consonants.
  • Write the letters in a different order.
  • If you are playing online, don't be afraid to try words that you may not know. There is no penalty.
  • Look for common word prefixes like 'ED' and 'ING'
  • Look for common suffixes like "UN"

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